Top 5 Warning Signs That You Need To Replace Your Drip Irrigation System

It is no secret that your drip irrigation system is why your garden is nice and green over the summer. However, this irrigation system also needs maintenance or a replacement in the worst-case scenario. But how would you know which one you need? Below are warning signs that you need to replace your drip irrigation system or sprinkler system: 


Age Over 25 Years

You need to remind yourself that everything has limitations. The same goes for this irrigation system, which will eventually break after 25 years despite proper maintenance. 

So, upgrading your drip irrigation system is the best investment you could make if you previously bought an old model. Newer irrigation systems save money and energy. Thus, an upgrade may be worthwhile.

Water Bills 

A broken drip irrigation system may be the cause of rising water bills. Wear and tear may have caused a leak, and your drip irrigation system may be using water.

Hire professionals as they can determine if the problem is localized or system-wide. If so, consider installing a new drip irrigation sprinkler system.


As everyone knows, you can expect some leaks from time to time. But, frequent leaking may indicate a more significant issue. Replacing your system may be necessary if constant sprinkler system repair fails.

Water Pressure

Your drip irrigation system needs water pressure to work. Low water pressure may prevent appropriate flow and prevent water from reaching the drip emitters. 

So, if you notice abrupt changes in your water pressure, something may have gone wrong in your irrigation system. Check control valves, pumps, and regulators for problems. However, if the valves work, it may be the irrigation pipes. Tree roots or shifting ground could block your pipes.

Poor Design 

If the drip irrigation system has a poor design, water may not reach the entire garden, causing dry spots. 

Readjusting the system should fix the issue. If your drip irrigation system has always been that way, it may need redesigning.


Your drip irrigation must work well for a healthy lawn. However, old or poorly designed systems may not work correctly. Replace your irrigation system if you have high water bills, leaks, or low water pressure.

The right irrigation system will keep your garden healthy. Thinkwater can install and repair your systems or your water pump in Australia. Contact them now.