Why Your Business Needs a (New) Website

With a strong online presence, businesses have a higher chance of being found by new and existing customers in the digital space.

Internet users can use their mobile devices or computers to look for products and services on search engines like Google. Even if they are not familiar with the company, they can click the website as it appears on search engine listings to browse their offerings.

It is imperative for a business’s online platform to create a lasting impression on a customer to encourage conversion. First impressions are crucial in retaining a visitor’s interest.

website design can make or break a business in the digital world. Most online shoppers prefer an aesthetic and easy-to-use website equipped with useful eCommerce features for a seamless user experience. Companies must ensure that their websites also are optimized to be mobile-friendly.

Oberlo cites that as of 2020, the US has the third-highest smartphone user population, with 260 million Americans depending on this type of mobile device. Moreover, about 69% of internet users will instead look for reviews on their phones than ask an in-store employee.

When a website has a slow loading time and an outdated design, users will quickly move on to the next site that is faster and more attractive, and current.

If local entrepreneurs want to create a new website, they can hire a reputable web development company in New Jersey. Professional web developers can help small business owners make an updated online platform equipped with the necessary eCommerce functions that can attract and retain customers.

Establishing and maintaining a robust internet visibility enables a company to stay relevant in the industry. For more information on why businesses need a new website, Landau Consulting provides the following infographic.

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