Why cheap tires can be costly in the end

all-season tires

When you select tires for your vehicle based on price instead of looking at performance and safety, you might be putting your life at risk. The thing with car tires is that they provide a lot of safety to your vehicle, adding to the performance. There are a lot of different tire options available at the tire stores. You have a wide range of manufacturers, and there are different tires for different vehicles, and then you have different tires for different seasons.

You must purchase the correct tire dimension that is specified for your vehicle. After you have checked what dimension you need, you will need to know what season you will be driving in. If you encounter any winter conditions, then you will need to have tires that are winter approved; if not, then you can manage with all-season tires. All-season tires are the tires that most vehicles will be sold with. They are, despite the name, tires that should be used for all the seasons where you have warm weather (>45°F). In Europe, they are referred to as summer tires, making it easier to see where and when they would be used.

If you face winter conditions, you need to complement your all-season tires with a set of winter tires that should be mounted when the temperature drops below 45°F. You will need to have them on your vehicle before the winter weather arrives, as it is dangerous to drive on snow and ice with all-season tires. To avoid this, you will need to make a timely change. It is better to be a few weeks early than a day too late with your tire change.

The problem with cheap tires is that they tend to have worse safety and performance properties. Their braking distance can be longer, which increases the chance of being in an accident. Their wet grip is worse, and their ability to prevent hydroplaning is lower, making them more dangerous to use when driving in wet conditions. The wear also tends to be higher due to higher rolling resistance. This also contributes to higher fuel costs for a combustion engine car, and for an electric vehicle, it will result in a shorter driving range for each charge and higher charging costs.

The combination of using tires that both wear out faster and cause the vehicle to consume more fuel is a bad combination that will result in a less economical driving choice. It can become more expensive over time as you drive your vehicle. You then have the secondary effects with lower safety and higher carbon dioxide emissions. You want to avoid this if you went through the trouble of purchasing an electric car due to its lower impact on the environment. This is why it is always essential to purchase premium tires and look at performance and safety before focusing on the price of the tires.

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