When all-season tires can be used all year long

SUV all-season tires

All-weather tires are well suited for year-round use in many areas of the United States. If you are looking for tires that can be used year-round and live in an area not experiencing winters with snow and ice, then this is the tire for you. All-season tires use many innovations to help protect against hydroplaning and have low rolling resistance.  These tires are flexible and handle almost all weather conditions other than winter, which requires tires that have undergone testing in snow and ice and are marked with the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol. This rating is held by winter and snow tires as well as all-weather tires.

All-season tires like the Nokian Tyres One provide excellent grip and handling while still remaining tires that have low rolling resistance. The low rolling resistance allows for less energy to be used when driving as less resistance decreases the energy used, which helps your pocketbook and the environment. These all-season tires allow for a smooth ride, with excellent tread life the additional protection against punctures with the “Aramid Sidewall Technology.” The strong aramid fibers enforced sidewalls help protect against punctures and are the reason these tires come with The Nokian Pothole Protection warranty.  If the area you live in has snow and ice in the winter, then you should still consider all-weather tires or dedicated winter tires.

The Nokian Tyres One also exists for SUVs, in other words, SUV all-season tires. These SUV tires have the same aramid sidewall technology, so with this durable and puncture-resistant sidewall, you can even take your SUV off-road. Did you know that these fibers are also used by the aerospace and defense industries? These strong fibers even make up bulletproof vests. With these strong fibers making up the sidewalls, you can be protected against surprising situations. The new world record for the fastest car on two wheels was set using tires using the Nokian Tyres Aramid Sidewall Technology.

Always make sure when buying tires that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the correct dimension tires for your make and model car or SUV. This will allow the best handling and gas mileage which will also help lower carbon emissions to help reduce the environmental impact. If the recommended tire dimension is 265/70R17, then ensure that you get 265/70R17 all-season tires if you buy all-season tires. With these dimension tires, you will be assured of the best handling of your vehicle.

All-season tires or SUV all-season tires are a great choice if you want to keep one set of tires throughout the year and if the region where you live doesn’t have snow and ice in the winter. All-season tires can always be replaced with dedicated snow tires in the winter. This might be a good option for people that prefer to have winter tires in the winter as it allows for the use of all-season tires the rest of the year.

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