Water Heater Selection Guide

Are you planning to buy a new water heater?

Though it may seem straightforward, choosing the best bathroom heater for your daily showers requires considering several factors. This is to ensure you maximize the benefits while minimizing aspects like costs and repairs.

If you are not sure how to determine the best water heater from hundreds of options, follow our guide below:

Water Heater Type

Water heaters are not built the same. There will be dozens you’ll encounter when browsing the market, but we’ve summarized the most common units:


Tank water heaters have a large tank storing warm water for later use. These require ample space for installation and will constantly use their heating elements to maintain the temperature. Tank heaters are great for commercial purposes and large families but are not ideal for small bathrooms and may cause your bills to rise.

Tankless heaters, or instant water heaters, are compact and instantly heat water when you use the shower. Due to their size, they do not constantly consume power and are perfect for apartments and smaller spaces. 


Electric water heaters are a popular option due to their wide availability and because electricity is the most accessible fuel source. These may not work during blackouts.

If you aim for sustainability, solar-powered water heaters are eco-friendly and can save you from electricity costs. However, they may not work during cloudy weather.

Meanwhile, heat pump heaters are more efficient than electric variations since they move heat from the air into the water. Heat pumps may not work well in cold climates or weather.


Reliable water heater manufacturers can provide you with an attractive warranty. Warranties help guarantee that you are purchasing a quality water heater without flaws and that will perform as expected.

Typical water heater warranties can last three to twelve years, depending on the manufacturer. The longer the warranty, the better since these heaters can heat water faster and have thicker insulations to prevent heat loss.

Visual Appeal

Though optional, you should choose a water heater that blends well with the overall style of your bathroom.

Water heaters can increase the value of your home, so we recommend keeping the style in mind. Most tankless heaters come in fantastic designs and colors, perfect for any bathroom interior layout.

Though bathroom heaters tend to be viewed as another standard fixture, their impact on your daily life is significant. Don’t overlook the details; compare various heater brands, scrutinize their features, and see which fits your criteria perfectly.