Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Sic Bo Through Online Casinos

Sic Bo, a dice sport that has survived for thousands of generations, is now a popular game in live casinos in Singapore and from different countries across the globe. The game originated in ancient China and is sometimes called Dai Siu Hi-Lo, Tai Sai, or Big and Small.


Sic Bo is an easy game to play and offers a wide variety of betting options. It is available at all online casinos, even those located in Malaysia. Sic Bo is a random dice toss that uses a covered tumbler. The bettors will determine the outcome of each roll.


You might think this game is easy, but it is vital to learn all you can about it and its systems to increase your chances of winning.




This dice game may be played with many betting options. The following list is


  1. Small and Big Bets – these are the most basic type of options in Sic Bo. The player is expected to correctly predict the number of dice used in a single roll. For small bets, you can wager between 4 and 10, while for big bets, you can wager from 11 up to 17.
  2. Combination Bets – players must place coins on the third table row and pick a combination of dice displayed at the end of each roll.
  3. Single dice Bet – this is a wager that you think will show up one, two, three or even all of the numbers in your roll.
  4. Double Dice Bet – revolves around predicting that two of the three dice will be equal after one roll.
  5. Triple Dice Bet – is split into specific triples and any triple. A bet on any triple will accept any combination of triples, while a wager on a particular triple requires that you use a specific triple.




Although it might appear simple, winning could be more difficult because of the many types of betting. These tips will help increase your chances to win Sic Bo.


  1. Play demo games.
  2. Choose small or big bets often.
  3. Never wager on multiple bets.
  4. This dice game is also a game of luck.


Thanks to the rise of online casinos and the worldwide pandemic, Sic Bo, a popular gambling game, is now more popular than ever. Easy-to-learn games usually attract more gamblers. Be sure to play games that are easy to understand and only bet on trusted platforms, like online casinos in Malaysia.


To learn more about the ultimate guide in playing Sic Bo through online casinos, you can read this infographic from 88ProAsia and 88ProBet.


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