As the new year begins, various incidences immediately happened that caused all people in the world to struggle. The number one game-changer of 2020 is the Novel Coronavirus Disease or is widely known as COVID-19. 


The Novel Coronavirus is a human-to-human transmission kind of disease. Once it infects a person with a weak immune system, there is a high chance that their life will be in critical condition: Typically, the elders, young ones, and even those healthy-looking adults that are not aware of their cardiovascular or respiratory illness. 


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 began to circulate in November 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. After a man within a wet market started to show signs of respiratory and pneumonia-like ailment, the virus spreads like wildfire – resulting in the bacteria to infect thousands of people within the rural area. The epidemic then became a pandemic after a few months and killing 1.48 million people around the globe.


The hasty dispersion of the phage triggered authorities to implement a mass lockdown for everyone’s safety; authorizing everyone to undertake proper conduct of sanitation and avoiding close social interaction at all costs to avoid any more accumulating casualties.


Decontaminating even jewelry should also be done. When a person wears their white pearls as they go outside, there is a high chance that the bacteria bearing of the infectious COVID-19 pandemic will linger on its surface. The Coronavirus can live up to 5 days on a simple silverware’s exterior. That is why no matter how big or small your ornament is, sanitation shall be done at all cost to evade getting disease-ridden by the COVID-19.


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