The Process of Laser Etching

For years, laser etching in aluminium has been a popular choice for marking and engraving aluminium parts and products across Australia. It is a precise and efficient process that uses a laser beam to vaporize the surface of the aluminium, creating a permanent mark or design.

The process of laser etching in aluminium begins by selecting the appropriate laser for the job. Several types of lasers can be used for etching aluminium, including CO2 lasers, fibre lasers, and YAG lasers. The most suitable laser depends on the thickness and type of aluminium being etched and the desired outcome.

Next, the aluminium workpiece is prepared for laser etching by cleaning it thoroughly to remove any dirt or contaminants. The workpiece is then placed in the laser etching machine, which consists of a laser source, a beam delivery system, and a worktable. The laser source generates a focused beam of light through the beam delivery system and onto the aluminium workpiece.

To create the etching, the laser beam is moved over the surface of the aluminium in a predetermined pattern, vaporizing the material as it goes. The laser beam is exact to create intricate and detailed designs and marks on the aluminium. The depth of the etching is controlled by the laser’s power and the speed at which the beam moves over the surface of the aluminium.

After the etching is complete, the aluminium workpiece is removed from the laser etching machine and inspected for quality. If the etching meets the desired specifications, the workpiece is cleaned and prepared for use or further processing.

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