Summer tends to provide the best conditions for driving

Summers tend to offer some of the best driving conditions for drivers and should therefore be an enjoyable driving experience. It is important that you are always safe while you drive, but once that aspect has been taken care of, it should be an enjoyable experience to cruise down highways or winding roads. For this you will need a good car combined with a good set of summer tyres. The car will give you the driving performance in terms of performance and driving ability, while the tyres ensures that the car can deliver that that performance by sticking on the road, without skidding around when you take sharp corners and that you get the car to stop quickly,  to ensure that you can keep safe.

If you end up with a high-performance car without matching it with the appropriate high-performance tyres, you will not be able to drive as fast as you want, as you might then exceed the tyres speed rating. You will also not be able to make the car perform on the roads to its full capacity as was intended when the designers built the car. Don’t try to save money by not investing into very much needed quality of your tyres, the tyres are needed to make your car to perform and to get the full value out of the money you invested into the car. The tyres provide a big part of the car’s safety, so you will jeopardize your own safety by a poor selection or not changing your tyres in time as they wear out.

Checking your tyres on a regular basis should be part of your overall car and safety maintenance. You will need to check the tyre pressure on at least a monthly basis. If you have too low pressure in your tyres, you will increase the rolling resistance. The increased rolling resistance will increase the fuel consumption and will lead to higher CO2emissions, making your car less environmentally friendly. The higher rolling resistance also cause heat buildup and will increase the tyre wear. This leads to more frequent tyre purchases. To high tyre pressure lead also to worse performance, due to reduced contact area and causing the center tread to wear out faster than the sides.

In addition to the importance of the checking the tyre pressure, you will also need to check the tread depth, both to check that the tread wear is even along the tyre and between the tyres. To even out differences between the tyres, you will need to rotate the tyres, for uneven wear within the tyre; you will need to visit a tyre service station. With this type of proper maintenance of the tyres, you will make sure that your tyres will be in good condition. It is not only about purchasing a set of high-quality tyres, it is also important how you maintain them and keep them in good condition. When the winter is approaching it is time to change to winter tyres, to maintain the performance and safety.

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