Strategies You Can Use to Avoid Bookmaker Limitations

Bettors and bookmakers have the same goal: to make a profit. Like an online sportsbook in Singapore, they calculate margins to ensure a financial gain for every match. That is why when online bettors win too much, abuse bonuses and promotions, or place weird amounts of wagers; user accounts are limited.

Closing and limiting user accounts is a common occurrence online. It is a method that bookmaker limitations use to ensure that they are not tricked. It allows them to prevent people from exploiting offers, arbitrage, and other wagering forms that guarantee a sure profit.

It is worth noting that a bookmaker will not close an account entirely not unless they feel that a user is causing too much risk for their business. For many who participate in online Singapore sport bets, it is best to understand and know how to deal with a closed or limited betting account.

Here are some reasons why sportsbooks limit user accounts to help those who engage in online betting activities prevent such a situation from happening.

  • Arbitrage betting – involves employing tactics that can beat a bookie and ensure a profit. Naturally, bookmakers do not want to lose income and will prevent arbitragers by reducing their betting limit or closing their accounts for good.
  • Constant winnings – some bettors use many strategies to ensure a win. But others are simply lucky and continuously win, gaining significant amounts of money. If that is the case, they will not be ignored and immediately gain bookmakers’ attention.
  • Multiple betting accounts – Creating two or more betting accounts is one of the most common reasons sportsbooks limit users’ accounts. People often try this tactic to abuse bonuses and promotional offers.

Those are some of the reasons bookmakers limit accounts, and the sole reason they do so is their unwillingness to lose profit. While it might be an unavoidable situation for some, there are several ways to follow that can protect your betting account from being restricted.

Read this infographic from 88ProAsia and 88probet to learn more about your strategies to avoid bookmaker limitations.

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