Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair (Infographic)

Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

The primary role of a roof is to protect a home and its contents from all kinds of weather conditions. However, even with the roof’s durability, it experiences wear and tear. Hence, homeowners need to conduct preventive maintenance to prolong their roof’s lifespan.

Hiring a contractor that offers roof repair in Suffolk County is essential to address developing roofing problems and prevent costly home and roof repairs. Roofing contractors can also do maintenance and inspection to check if the visible roof damage has affected other layers of the roofing system.

Different layers comprise the roof, including the roof frame, ice and water protector, underlayment, roof edge, and shingles. Each layer has their functions to protect the housing structure; however, when one layer gets damaged, it can cause trouble to the whole roofing system, which can eventually lead to problems to different parts of the house.

Homeowners who conduct regular maintenance on their roof will quickly notice if the shingles are damaged. It is the most visible layer of the roofing system and the first line of protection from different weather events. Although they can last for decades as these are made from durable materials, these can deform, curl, or become brittle due to continuous exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions.

When shingles are damaged, water can easily seep into the interior part of the roofing system and cause trouble to the underlayment and the attic. Water damage is one of the obvious signs that the roof needs repair. It can stain the walls or ceiling, cause the flat surface to blister, or prompt the roof to collapse due to structural damage.

Roofing repair in Suffolk County should be done as early as possible to avoid further deterioration of the roof and avoid causing extensive damage to the other parts of the house. This infographic from Long Island Roofing and Chimney lists some of the signs that the roof needs repair.