After decades of progression in modernization, the evolution has been halted for another yet pandemic. This time it is the mutation of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which is now known as the Corona Virus Disease 2019.


Its first diffusion began in Wuhan, China and after a month or so, COVID-19 started to spread worldwide. Stopping any vacation trips, school field trips, roundtrips of families or friends, gatherings, and operations of companies. 


To limit the spread of this virus, community quarantine was implemented by local governments. The only disadvantage occurring is as social interactions are highly prohibited, the economy of countries that are affected gradually decreased. This is because of the business ventures that got run over by the mass lockdown.


Fortunately, with the help of mobile devices, personal computers, and the Internet, progression in enterprises can continue even with the on-going pandemic.


There will be many adjustments that may follow in the world of marketing. This time selling will be digital. 


This is already the normal communications that we are utilizing as of today. However, with this new-found habitual, it is hard for businesses to proceed and complete tasks with the lack of equipment. 


Adding personnel to help you die down your workload is not a big of a problem. These administrative errands can easily be completed with the help of a virtual assistant.


VA companies in the Philippines became one of the most triumphant enterprises in the country, seeing that they are providing services with the best results. This continues to occur throughout the years and it gained more recognition during the pandemic.


If you are planning to hire a virtual assistant Philippines, you must first be aware of what is the responsibility of a VA and what aid they can help you through the succession of your business.


To be more aware of what are the roles of a virtual assistant in this post-COVID world, OVA Virtual has created and designed an infographic with the information that you need.


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