Make sure to optimize the safety of your SUV

SUV all-season tires

To ensure that your SUV is as safe as possible, you will need high-quality SUV tires. Preferably, a set of SUV all-season tires combined with SUV winter tires is if you will experience winter conditions. If you don’t have too severe winters, you also have the option to use SUV all-weather tires; these can be winter approved and can be used safely as an all-year-round tire with safety throughout the year.

Suppose you have good premium tires on your SUV, the likelihood of being in an accident decrease. Even if your SUV isn’t that safe, you can be more likely to avoid accidents when you have good tires. Accidents are often caused because you can’t get your SUV to stop in time to avoid an accident; this is where a short braking distance that good quality tires become important. Worn-out tires with low tread depth will lead to a prolonged braking distance, making accidents more.

The tread depth should be checked regularly to ensure that you have more than 5/32 inches of remaining depth. It is easy to measure the depth by inserting a coin into the tread and measure how far the coin is inserted. You should measure the depth more often as you are approaching the 5/32 inches level. If you don’t change tires between the seasons, it is more important to check regularly and check if there are big differences in wear between the rear and the front tires. If you notice a big difference, then you should rotate the tires so that the front tires end up in the rear. The rotation should be done when you have a difference of around 5/64 inches between the front and rear set. Rotation will even out the wear and will make your tires last longer.

When you purchase new tires, you want to simultaneously purchase all four new tires since having different grips around the car will destabilize the car’s driving ability and make it more difficult to control and maneuver. You can easily lose the grip when cornering so that you will end up in a skid. The SUV will start to over or understeer. To make sure that you can buy a full set of 4 new tires, you should make sure to rotate the tires.

The beauty of having an SUV is that it is a safe vehicle, so you should make sure that you improve the safety by ensuring that the tires that you equip it with are safe, for the right weather conditions and also that the dimension is correct. If that is the case, you will have a safe vehicle with very good and safe driving properties. If you change between all-season and winter tires, then make sure that you do the changes in a timely matter so that you can avoid using SUV all-season tires in winter conditions.

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