Loc Extensions: How to Care for and Maintain Them

Taking care of and maintaining locs is a commitment anyone sporting them must practice. Natural hair locs need many care products to keep them strong and healthy. Perhaps it’s because of the dedication or the uncertainty of having natural locs that some would prefer loc extensions. While they are relatively easier to handle, extensions must be properly looked after.

If you’ve been sporting a loc extension Atlanta salons have given you, you’re probably wondering how to maintain them. After all, they are a part of your hair, albeit temporary, so their appearance will affect your looks, too. In this article, we’ll give you tips on taking care of your loc extensions.

Wash Your Locs

It is a general misconception that you must never wash loc extensions. This is wrong and could lead to a buildup of dirt in your locs. It is best to wash your extensions two weeks after you’ve first had them. Ensure that you clean your scalp to avoid flakes and irritation. Don’t use conditioners or regular hair shampoo; instead, use natural residue-free shampoo. Avoid washing your extensions more than twice a week.

Keep your Locs Hydrated

To avoid your locs from looking frizzy, matte, and flat, make it a habit to hydrate them by spraying oil sheen daily. This is crucial, especially in summer when excessive heat could fry extensions and natural hair.

You could also create your oil sheen at home by filling a spray bottle with water and mixing in a few drops of essential oil.

Sleep on Satin or Silk

It can be challenging to sleep with loc extensions on due to the added weight and tightness on the scalp. To keep your locs from getting damaged while sleeping, gather them up into a high bun and wear satin or silk caps. 

Use Edge Gel

The edges and roots of your locs will grow quickly and might frizz. You can’t do anything about your hair’s growth, but you can keep flyaways and frizz at bay by applying quality edge gel.

Palm Roll

Palm rolling is an effective method to keep your locs smooth. Palm rolling your extensions once a week will remove loose ends; no need to use residue-leaving products such as beeswax.

Book Maintenance Appointments with your Stylist

There are no other people who know locs better than a professional stylist. They’ll trim away any knots in the extensions, clean them properly, and apply the needed hydrating products so they’ll stay nice and pretty.

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