Hurricane Ida is in the Rear-View Mirror. What’s Next?

Hurricane Ida caused heavy rain and strong winds in New Jersey last September 2021. The rainfall ranged from two to ten inches as recorded by different towns. Meanwhile, wind speeds reached over 150 miles per hour.

The severe flooding from the storm’s remnants pushed residents to seek the services of structural engineers. Besides exterior damage, the water caused internal defects as it seeped through crevices. If left unchecked, they might lead to more extensive and costlier damage to the structure. Moreover, the moist environment can precipitate mold and mildew growth. This can become a health hazard for people over time.

Many residential and commercial buildings also sustained damage from flying debris. While some suffered only minor faults, others endured more severe impacts. Thus, owners needed to determine the present condition of their properties. They must also know the repairs and reconstruction required.

A professional structural engineer NJ will inspect the building for internal and external damage. They will also determine if it is still safe to use after the calamity. The assessment encompasses checking various structural components. Among these are the building frame, foundation walls, roofing system, and other systems in the property.

Furthermore, the engineer will check the cause of the damage. Upon completing the assessment, they will provide insights on reinforcing the structure. It should be able to reduce the impact of winds, water, or flying objects should another storm come.

Still, selecting the right one can be challenging with so many engineering firms in the state. Residents need to consider several factors when hiring a structural engineer Somerset County. For example, they should review the engineer’s credentials and past work. Some have additional certifications, proving their expertise in the field. A reliable structural engineer also keeps their clients’ best interests in mind.

Hurricane Ida might be gone, but there will likely be another storm in the future. Lockatong Engineering provides this infographic for more information.

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