How To Purchase Used Injection Molding Machines

Used Injection Molding Machines

Are you looking to buy used injection molding machines to use in production of plastic parts in your company?  If you do, you need to select a good machine that will give you good value for money.  Since you are purchasing a second-hand machine, you need to make your selection carefully to avoid selecting a machine that will break down constantly and lead to production loss.

In order to get the most out of a used injection molding machine, there are various questions you need to ask before buying. The first question is the mold has a cold runner. If there is a cold runner, ask to see a sample. This is needed to help you accurately measure the shot size. You should also measure runner thickness and then compare it to the part wall thickness. If a runner is too thin, it will make it difficult for you to mold high quality parts.

You also need to ask to see the photos of both moving and fixed sides of used injection molding machines that you are interested in buying. These photos will give more information about the current mold condition, for instance if there are any unusual wear patterns that could lead to premature part quality issues.  From the photos, you will also have an idea of the mold design, which influences mold maintenance requirements.

Last but not least, you need to ask for mold material specifications before you go ahead to buy any used injection molding machine. Make sure that you know the type of steels, aluminums or copper alloys that are used in mold construction as they heavily influence mold life as well as the ability to repair and modify a mold.

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