How To Protect Yourself from The Adverse Effects of Excessive UV Light Exposure

Ultraviolet radiation, mostly known as UV light, is among the various kinds of electromagnetic radiation that the sun emits. It is essential to the body as it helps stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body, which is a vital nutrient in key biological processes. It supports healthy bone development, manages the body’s calcium levels, reduces inflammation, and supports immune system responses and glucose metabolism.

While an hour of exposure to the sun’s rays allows you to enhance your general well-being, excessive exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to your body. Exposure to large doses of UV light can cause premature ageing of the skin, sunburn, freckles, solar brown spots, and pigmented moles. In addition, Excessive doses of UV rays can also cause eye problems and weaken your immune system.

Often, you cannot prevent spending long hours under the sun, particularly when you are running errands, travelling to work, or enjoying outdoor activities during the summer season. And to protect yourself, you would wear don hats and caps and apply sunscreens when outside.

However, exposure to the sun’s UV rays does not only happen when you are outdoors and under the sun. You can also get exposed to sunlight and UV light through the windows of your car or home. But there is nothing to worry about because there are ways you can protect yourself from the sun while inside your home or vehicle.

Window tinting in Cardiff is an excellent option to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays. Window tints can block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home, shielding not only your furniture from cracking or fading but also protecting you from possible skin damage.

You can also install window tints on your car’s glass windows. Car window tinting in Swansea not only allows you to improve your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance but also provides you more benefits, including protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Here is an infographic from Global Tint UK, which details further how you can protect yourself from the adverse effects of excessive exposure to UV light.