How to Find the Best Ocean View Accommodation

Looking for the ideal accommodation is one thing, but ensuring you get the perfect ocean view requires more than just asking for one. The scenery provided in your room can make or break your luxury getaway, so it is crucial to consider several factors.

But how do you ensure your ocean-view accommodation has the best panorama in Antigua? In this article, we’ll guide you on some helpful tips on how to find the perfect ocean view.

Browse Reviews

When determining the quality of any accommodation provider, you can never go wrong with consulting online reviews. These guests have had personal experience staying in these hotels and villas, so read up before deciding to book.

Reviews from TripAdvisor are some of the best ways to gain insightful information on whether the accommodation provider offers fantastic ocean-view rooms. Look for photos to get a better sense of what to expect.

Check the Location

Look for accommodations in areas offering unobstructed views of the Caribbean waters. Consider proximity to the beach, where minimal buildings and other natural formations could ruin the vista.

Also, consider accommodations in elevated areas for optimal views.

Room Orientation

If you think you found promising accommodation, inquire with the provider about the orientation of the room or suite. Ask them where the windows face and check for obstructions such as buildings, trees, land formations, and other structures.

Ask for photos taken directly from the window or viewing deck for good measure, if possible.

Is there a Balcony?

To make the most of your ocean-view accommodation, look for private balconies or lounging areas where you indulge in the fine panorama. Balconies offer better views of the blue waters, so ensure your room has one.

Always check the size and comfort level of the balcony. You may also want a decent lounging deck equipped with a pool, dining table, and sun beds so you can relax.

Floor Level

We highly recommend booking ocean-view rooms on higher floors for better panoramic views. These accommodations are less likely to be blocked by anything due to their elevated positions.

Enjoy a Luxurious View of the Ocean

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