How to Encourage Healthy Debate Within Your Team

Working in a corporate world or within a company with many employees can sometimes engage you in a discussion. When this happens, you may feel the need to voice your opinions. However, how will you do it in a nice way without breaking the mood? When team members speak up their minds, it mostly shows how invested they are with the company’s growth. This is why, team leaders must build a good connection within the group so everyone can give an honest and sincere view.

Setting good rules and being a role model can actually help to avoid conflict within your team. This is where you can see the importance of leadership skills. But to help you more on how you can encourage your teammates to have a healthy debate, below are some tips you can get an idea with.

Be Humble in Approaching Discussions 

Being humble all the time will always encourage your team members to voice their opinions as a leader. Keep in mind to always listen and never forget that you are there to lead, not boss around. Reminding everyone that you and your team have something to teach each other will help you to set a norm within your team that everyone has a valid point.

Walk the Talk

Do not say something that you can’t take responsibility with. Waling your talks allow your co-workers to see that you are a credible leader. A good and healthy debate can happen if you, as a leader will, start to be the change you want to see.

Professional development can happen within a team if you practice what you preach.

For more information on how you can have a healthy debate within a team, see this infographic from Corporate Learning Solution.

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