How Dynamics Business Central Connects with Your Office Tools

As a business owner, your ability to embrace digital transformation will define your success in the future. This will allow you to improve your operations, strengthen customer relationships, and drive business growth. Cloud-based business management software solutions are now more accessible than before—the more reason for you to utilize them to the fullest.

Cloud-based ERP solutions allow you to take advantage of the latest tools that will help you integrate business practices, scale up, make better decisions, and grow your business.

Microsoft created interconnected applications to streamline critical tasks within the company’s business operations due to the rapid digitization of business operations over the past decade. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a wide range of CRM and ERP modules that can be customized to meet the needs of any firm. The predecessor to Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Business Central, is the ERP application. It’s flexible and user-friendly.

Connecting Dynamics CRM and Business Central, both flagship products of Dynamics 365, creates a single source for a truth that all team members can access. This can be done by activating the “Dataverse Connection Setup” in Business Central. To allow this, the system will need to know the URL of CRM and system administrator credentials.

Employees can connect to both apps and sync their data with one another. This will enable employees to access more precise data to aid them in their work.

To learn more about how dynamic business central connects with your office tools, read this infographic from Integral Management Systems.

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