Engagement Rings: Myths & Facts

Buying an engagement ring is more than a romantic gesture of love. It is a symbol of commitment and devotion that will stay in your partner’s hands for a lifetime. The process of purchasing one is filled with pure emotion, and many considerations go along with it. Among such considerations is having a customized engagement ring in the Philippines instead of picking one in a jewelery shop’s display case, acknowledging that the engagement ring holds deep sentimental value. In addition, a custom-made engagement ring reflects a couple’s personality and the relationship they share.

There are many jewelry stores in the Philippines that offers customized rings. However, as many shops offer the best quality engagement rings, without knowing different myths and facts about engagement rings, you may just be spending money on an object that you do not understand, and it has to last forever. As someone without background knowledge of choosing one, it is understandable to search online for things such as what to expect, tips for buying, and more.

While there is plenty of good information on the internet, there is also a large amount of information that may lead people to believe myths about engagement rings.

Read this infographic from Adeva Jewellery to learn about some myths and facts about engagement rings that people should know.