Educate yourself before buying new tires

all-season tires

Since we don’t buy tires often, it is often needed to refresh what has happened on the market since you purchased your last set. Have there been any big improvements, or should you choose the same set as you just had? Choosing the same set as you had will depend on whether you were happy with them. Even if you are happy with them, it is good to find out what else is there. Tires are constantly being improved, and new tires are being launched, especially within the premium tire segment.

One of the best places to purchase tires is your tire service station, as they tend to have a good selection, and they can easily mount them for you. They will be able to give you advice on tires, and you can probably even buy them online and book the time for a tire change on the website. This way, you can select and pay for the tires of your choice from the comfort of your own home. The web is always a good place to look for tires as you have them all available for your review and you can read everything about them. You have to make sure that you look for tires that have the dimension that your vehicle requires.

If you need new all-season tires, there tends to be an easier task than selecting winter tires, as you have fewer options. This might not mean that it is an easy decision, but you have fewer options and probably have to do less research to find the most suitable tires for your vehicle. The tire choice needs to be different if you have an electric or hybrid car, as they are heavier and will need more wear-resistant tires. Once you have found tires, you will need to check if they are suitable for electric or hybrid cars. Not all tires are recommended for this use as the wear tends to be higher. Some tires will state that they are recommended for this use. It is advantageous if they have low rolling resistance, as that will reduce the wear. It is also important to rotate the tires more frequently than you would do with a normal combustion engine vehicle.

When it comes to winter tires, there are more options, and you have to figure out if you want to have studded or non-studded tires. You probably want to review some of the tire tests done by independent car magazines to see which ones are the best-performing ones in the conditions that resemble the ones that you tend to drive in. This will take some time to review, and it is good to look at a few different ones and pick out the key parts of those tests. Not all the parts will be relevant for you. Try to make sure that the tires you choose will have low rolling resistance, leading to low wear and fuel consumption.

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