Drain Snake Won’t Go Down Bathtub Drain—Why?

People use drain snakes to solve their problems with clogged drains. Homeowners tend to try and dislodge the blockages themselves using their personal drain snakes. Some people find that they can’t clear the pipes because the drain snake won’t go down and then continue to try and unclog the pipes so they won’t hire a plumber.

Some homeowners cause more damages to their pipes by trying to unclog them themselves, resulting in costlier repairs. Relying on a professional plumber’s drain cleaning services is essential to ensure that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

Homeowners can have problems with the drain snake not going down since they’re using the wrong drain snake size, their equipment is dysfunctional, they use too much force, or the blockages are just too big. Homeowners can solve the problem themselves when the blockage is found on the stopper mechanism, but they’ll likely need a professional’s help if it’s found further down.

By trusting in a reliable plumber to solve a household’s plumbing issues, people can make sure that there won’t be any further problems caused by shoddy repair work on the plumbing system. Plumbers are equipped with the necessary tools to solve any household’s plumbing issues. For more information, see this article by Mr. Rooter.

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