Difference Between Betting on Sports Simulators and Virtual Sports

Sports bettors worldwide virtually ran out of games to bet on as multiple major sporting events like the English Premier League were put on hold or canceled worldwide. The bettors had the choice to take a break, switch to casino games, or bet on either sports simulators or virtual sports.

For people who want to continue betting in sports, even if there’re little to bet on, they can opt to bet on video games simulating real-life sports or on virtual games. Sports simulators are video games that fully simulate the sport and league they’re based on, including the rules and popular players participating in them. Virtual sports are more like slot machines as they’re dependent on an RNG or random number generator to produce an outcome.

Professional gamers play sports simulators like the NBA 2K, FIFA, and NHL series of games as eSports. A match’s outcome depends mostly on the gamer’s ability to control their characters and partly on the player characters they choose.

Soccer sports bettors who want to continue betting on the sport even when the popular games are canceled, postponed, or is just unavailable due to downtime, they can bet on a FIFA eSports event.

Virtual sports are entirely random, and no one can influence its outcome. Unlike a live soccer match that lasts 90 minutes and a soccer match in a sports simulator that lasts six minutes, a virtual soccer match lasts for only about two to three minutes. Bettors can immediately place another bet after one virtual game and try to accumulate winnings.

The betting strategies for these two selections are different, and sports bettors must be careful about how they place their bets. It’s risky for bettors to place bet after bet on virtual sports since their outcomes are random. However, people can strategize how they bet on sports simulators by analyzing the participating gamers’ past matches and abilities.

For sports bettors who want to try betting on either sports simulators or virtual matches, they need to look for the best online betting site in Singapore to play in. For more information, see this infographic by 88ProBet.