The development in science and technology-challenged humanity prolonged throughout the time. It helped people in their everyday lives: Starting from gathering information, starting up communication, gaining entertainment out of boredom, and even made transportation more manageable than the primitive times. 


The first technological invention is nothing like the ones in the Modern Revolution. It was a two million old stone tool utilized for chopping trees, branches and to cut meat. The earliest form of people became a massive help for humanity and formed hunters and gatherers.


Stone Age has three stages of human development. One is the Paleolithic archaeology originated the result of an early human culture of hunters and gatherers. People depend on their subsistence on hunting wild animals, birds, fishing, and collecting wild fruits, nuts, and berries during this era. The innovations they utilized for chase are antlers, stones, bones, flints.


Subsequently, there goes the Mesolithic or also known as Middle Stone Age that is the ancient cultural stage. Technologies utilized in this period were stone tools, such as microliths, that is small stone tools used for mounting together on a shaft to produce a serrated edge. Mesolithic people are more into polishing stones – it is one of their most significant inventions.


Last but not least, the Neolithic period, also called as New Stone Age. It is the final phase for cultural and technological evolution amidst prehistoric humans. The usage of stone tools shaped by polishing still lingers during this era. People learn dependence on domesticated plants or animals, settlement in permanent villages, and pottery and weaving became part of the advancement.


These geneses are the root for the knowledge achieved at the current time: The Information Age and the Digital Revolution. One of today’s progression attainment is a pickup truck – which took a big part in transportation and growth in the global economy. Thanks to Gottlieb Daimler and Henry Ford for successfully creating such innovation in conveyance.


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