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Common House Plumbing Issues

Houses can suffer from different plumbing issues of all shapes and sizes, even the newer properties. Some issues are minor and cheap to fix, like dripping faucets or running toilets, while others are more severe, including major pipe leaks that can damage a home’s contents.

Fortunately, newer houses usually only experience less serious issues like clogged pipes, blocked drains, faulty water heaters, leaky faucets, and running toilets. While they can still pose a problem for the homeowners, it doesn’t inconvenience them as much as more major issues unless left alone for extended periods.

Clogged pipes are troublesome since a number of things can cause them, including the roots from nearby trees, blockages in the pipes due to flushing foreign objects, and improper installation from the builder. Relying on the plumbing services of licensed plumbers can help eliminate the problem, especially if people are looking to buy a phone for the first time.

When homeowners have clogged pipes, they might also have blocked drains. Random debris from grease, leftover foods, and random debris from the house construction can cause blockages and lead to slow draining sinks and drains or flooding that can affect the house’s structural integrity. In some cases, the blockage can lead to toxic build-up by poisoning the water supply.

Homeowners can also suffer from a faulty water heater, and they are among the more difficult problems to diagnose. The heater can be faulty thanks to a faulty internal thermostat, poor heater installation, sediment build-up, or leaky pipes. One sign that the water heater is faulty is when people find that they need to get more and more hot water in their morning showers to have a comfortable experience.

Leaky faucets can happen in any home, and many people pay them little mind since they seem insignificant. When people leave them alone, however, the small leak can increase the water bill significantly.

Similar to how leaky faucets can add to the water bill, running toilets can add to the monthly water bill and waste gallons of water a day. Replacing faulty or damaged flappers may not require a lot of plumbing expertise, but it’s better to have a plumber do the replacement to ensure that the toilet is working properly.

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