Choosing the Right Mower Trailer

Landscaping is not an easy job. Aside from the meticulous planning and turning large areas of grassy patches into beautiful garden sceneries, you also need to know how to haul numerous pieces of equipment. Among the items you need for landscaping are your tools, and while these are relatively easier to transport, you might find it harder to haul a lawn mower.

A mower trailer is a vehicle for transporting landscaping and gardening equipment, including your mower. These vehicles are designed to safely and easily carry your items over long distances.

Trailers are built to last and do their work, but not all of the units you will encounter on the market can serve your needs. You’ll need to find the model that is perfect for you. If you have difficulty determining the best mower trailer, we made this simple guide for you.

Open or Enclosed

When looking for trailers to haul your mowers, there are two popular choices: Open and enclosed trailers. Though both share the same purpose, each has a unique feature made for different reasons.

An open trailer is perhaps the most common trailer you can find, and as the name suggests, it consists of a trailer bed with side panelling built with the toughest materials. This option is often budget-friendly and is perfect if you are tight on finances. But you can’t keep your mower parked in an open trailer outside overnight since it has little to no protection.

Meanwhile, an enclosed trailer can keep your mower safe and reduce time wasted from unloading. Complete with an encasement – often aluminium walls and roof or a cage – you can leave your mower locked inside for extended periods without worrying about security. We recommend getting an enclosed trailer for convenience and protection.

Custom Features

Some of the best mower trailers are customisable to answer your every landscaping needs. A trailer shouldn’t just be strong; it should also have the ability to boost your productivity and save you time. For instance, you’ll want a mower trailer to keep your equipment safe from the elements and unload everything faster.

Some of the features you should look for are the following:

  • Sliding or folding rear ramps
  • Side ramps or steps
  • Railing and tie-down points
  • Canopies and siding
  • Storage boxes
  • Ladder racks
  • Lighting and wiring
  • Heavy-duty tyres
  • Drop axles

Get a Customised Mower Trailer from the Best Australian Manufacturer

As a hardworking individual, you deserve only the best. Landscaping is not a walk in the park, and you need the right equipment to make your job less stressful.
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