Choosing a Suitable Multipoint Water Heater for Your Home

When selecting a new multipoint water heater, you must consider several critical criteria to ensure quality and functionality. While this type of water heater can deliver a consistent water supply to multiple areas in the house, poor selection can lead to weak performance.

You must remember that a multipoint tankless water heater is an investment. If you are unsure how to find the best unit for your home, follow our tips below:

The Capacity

Like any other heater, identifying the capacity of a multipoint unit is crucial to ensure that all users receive a consistent hot water supply. 

Just because these heaters can simultaneously serve various points in your property does not mean they can supply numerous people.

Multipoint water heaters also have a limited capacity. Before sealing the deal on a unit you find appealing, determine the number of inhabitants in your home. 15-liter heaters can serve a two-person household that showers daily, but if you have more people or use a bathtub, consider larger capacities, around 30L to 100L.

Tank or Compact

Multipoint water heaters also come in two variations: tank and compact.

To summarize the key points, tank water heaters have a large tank where they store and heat water, while compact heaters heat water on demand. The former requires ample space for installation, while the latter can fit the smallest bathrooms.

Bigger tank multipoint models look unattractive due to their bulkiness and may consume more power as their heating element remains active. You may need additional investment to conceal their tanks in a false ceiling.

We recommend choosing compact multipoint water heaters so you can enjoy the benefit of appropriate size, cost savings, and visual appeal.

Your Budget

It is without a doubt that water heaters are quite costly. If you browse online for the best multipoint water heaters, you’ll find a variety of price tags. While you do not need to buy the most expensive unit available, getting the cheapest option may not be a wise decision either.

Deciding on your budget can help narrow your choices and ensure an informed selection. How much are you willing to spend? Also, what features in a heater do you need?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much capacity do I want in a water heater?
  • What are the costs of installation needed for the heater?
  • Where do I want the heater installed?
  • How many points in the house need a heater?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can browse the market for a multipoint water heater that meets your requirements and is close to your budget.