Best time to change to winter tires?

all-season tires

The obvious answer would be that it is best to change to snow and winter tires just before the temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and any snow starts falling. The problem with this is that we don’t know when this will be, so we need to anticipate and still be on the safe side. If you wait too long, the snow will have arrived before you change the tires and then it is not safe to drive. It isn’t even safe to drive to the service station to do the tires change.

When you go below 45 degrees, winter and snow tires will outperform all-season tires as the all-season tires will start to turn hard, and thus the friction will decrease, and you will lose grip and traction.

This is why it is better to just select a date that you think will be well before the date you expect to have some snow and then book a time with your service station and just accept that you do it early.  The good thing is that it should be easy to get a good time with the service station for doing the change.

By waiting too long, you risk that you are surprised by early snowfall, and you are stuck with tires, which are not safe to drive with, even if you are only driving to your tire service station for them to change tires. Therefore, it is always better to change a few days too early than few days too late.

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