Aluminum Handrail for Residential and Commercial Use

Aluminum Handrail for Residential and Commercial Use

The handrail, also called a banister and sometimes confused with a railing, is a part of a staircase that people use to hold on to for stability and security as they go up and down the stairs. They can be combined, although some commercial and residential establishments allow handrails to sit on top spindles. This makes the handrail and balustrade one. Some prefer it to be fixed on the other side of the railing, which is the wall.

Here are some of the most popular handrail materials for installing safety handrails in your home or business.

A wooden residential handrail was common in the past, but metal handrails have become a popular choice. The most popular handrail material is Aluminum. It is a great choice. Many home and business owners choose it because of its versatility. You can have a satin, matte or polished finish. The satin finish is the best choice for those who don’t like fingerprints and smudges on aluminum surfaces. They look great with glass railings, which gives off a sophisticated, modern, yet elegant vibe in a room. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations because it is lightweight and naturally resists corrosion and rust.

In most business establishments, a commercial handrail made of aluminum can frequently be spotted because of its steel-like characteristics: strong and durable, withstanding even the harshest of weather settings. Although the finish is silvery and reflective, you can choose a different color by powder coating it to match your office or home. This type of steel is also very affordable. Yes.

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