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A Guide to CBD Dosage

CBD has become one of the most relevant products in the health industry for the past few years. More people have started to see its numerous benefits, and the good thing about CBD is that it comes in different products, so users will not be limited in the way they take CBD. They can go into a CBD shop and buy a hemp oil spray or a bottle of CBD tablets, and they will be good to go. However, one thing that CBD users especially those that are new to CBD, have encountered is that they do not know how much CBD they should be taking.

There are many factors that affect CBD dosage. First of all, is the body weight of the person. CBD dosages are calculated on weight, and people who weigh more may need to take more into their system. Another factor in determining the perfect CBD dosage is the age and metabolism of a person, as each one has different body types and physiological needs. People with a slower metabolism will likely need less CBD in their bodies.

Once the factors above have been figured out, the CBD user can now define the starting point of their CBD intake. It is always best to start with the lowest recommended dosage, as some companies will list recommendations that customers can follow. The CBD user can then gradually increase the dosage if needed and adjust their CBD intake depending on their activities and daily needs.

If you are interested in learning more about this CBD dosage guide, read this infographic by Love CBD.

cbd dosage